Scottie Pippen revealed that the Chicago Bulls wanted to get Michael Jordan out of the NBA Finals

get to think about taking out Michael Jordan during a decisive game in NBA Finals sounds crazy, but an assistant coach from chicago bulls he raised the idea and Phil Jackson carried it out. How did the story end? scottie pippen reveals it.

Pippen returned to the scene in the world of the NBA after publishing the book ‘Unguarded’ (Undefended). Scottie used as a publicity strategy attack michael jordan in such a way that he even went so far as to say that MJ ruined basketball and between these stories about ‘Air’ A surprising anecdote emerged.

Chicago Bulls disputed the Finals NBA from 1992 against the Portland Trail Blazers and with the possibility of winning the second consecutive championship in Game 6, they made a decision that no one would have imagined: take out Jordan in the last quarter of the game.

Tex Winter, an assistant coach for the Bulls, suggested to Phil Jackson take Jordan out during the fourth quarter because he was missing a lot of shots and the Chicago team trailed by 14 points. The Portland Trail Blazers saw Game 7 possible, but the Michael-led team’s bench did the job.

Pippen revealed that the Bulls wanted to get Jordan out of the NBA Finals

With Michael Jordan off the court, Chicago Bulls went on a 14-2 streak in the last quarter of Game 6 against the Portland Trail Blazers and when MJ returned to the court the score was already in favor 81-78. take out ‘Air’ It served because the second championship was finalized after that controversial decision suggested by Tex Winter.

“Michael Jordan, meanwhile, was trying to do too much. And it was counterproductive. ‘You have to get him out of there,’ Tex Winte pleaded.r, one of our assistant coaches, Phil Jackson. ‘He’s holding the ball too long, destroying the action.’”revealed Scottie Pipen.


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