Schröder celebrates a record evening in DBB dress

According to Dennis Schröder, records and galas were completely irrelevant, but Germany’s basketball star clearly enjoyed bathing in the crowd, including numerous autograph requests.

The 28-year-old NBA professional showed his class in the 93:83 win over Poland in Bremen and raised hopes for a glorious summer at the European Championships at home. “I think the team chemistry is right. We showed that again today in the fourth quarter. We want to take the momentum with us and do the same at the beginning of August,” announced Schröder. You have “shown character”.

With the fifth win in a row, the team of national coach Gordon Herbert is absolutely on course towards the 2023 World Cup. In Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines 32 teams will play next summer – Germany should be one of them if there is no major sporting slump in August and autumn .

“We’re very proud of this team. They made great sacrifices. Some players finished their season two or three months ago. It’s not easy,” emphasized Herbert.

Schröder becomes the match winner

38-point man Schröder was the match winner of the evening. Before the game he had been awarded for 50 international matches, later he fascinated the 6539 spectators in Bremen with a splendid final quarter.

“At the end of the day, I just want to win the game. It doesn’t matter if I score 30 or 40 points. Luckily we won the game in the end,” said Schröder after setting a career record for points in the national team.

In August, peak after peak follows. First the Supercup in Hamburg, then a qualifying double pack including a duel with Luka Doncic and Slovenia, before the home European Championships in Cologne and Berlin begin on September 1st.

For Herbert, that’s still a long way off. “I haven’t thought about August yet. My thoughts were only with this window. That was the only thing I was concentrating on,” said the head coach. It is certain that the team will be stronger in August. The return of captain Robin Benzing, Alba’s playmaker Maodo Lo and several NBA legionnaires is possible.

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