Russian scandal gymnast Kuliak also suspended internally

Fearing further sanctions by the World Gymnastics Federation FIG, the Russian Federation has banned scandalous gymnast Ivan Kuliak from national competitions until further notice.

At international level, the 20-year-old will not be allowed to compete again until May next year at the earliest.

At the World Cup tournament in Doha in early March, Kuliak appeared at the award ceremony with a “Z” on his tracksuit. Next to him on the winner’s podium was the winner Illia Kovtun from Ukraine. The “Z symbol” represents Russia’s war of aggression in the neighboring country.

Kuliak is excluded from both this year’s World Championships in Liverpool in November and the European title fights in Antalya in April 2023. Should the FIG ban of all athletes from Russia remain in effect beyond May 2023, Kuliak’s ban will be extended by at least another six months.

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