Russell Wilson does not rule out option to leave Seattle Seahawks for NFL 2022: ‘He wants to know his options’

At the beginning of this year, Seattle Seahawks made it known that they did not have in their plans to exchange their maximum figure, the quarterback Russell Wilson, for the 2022 season of the National Football League (NFL); however, everything could turn 180 degrees.

Chosen in the third round of the 2012 Draft, the player born in Cincinnati, Ohio, has commanded this team’s offense for 10 seasons, where he managed to win a superbowl, in 2014, being selected nine times at Pro Bowl and being the leader in passing rating and passing for touchdowns.

Although it is true that Wilson’s intention is to win an NFL title again, there is information that suggests that if the organization decides to start a reconstruction process, the quarterback will ask to be traded for next season, as revealed by the insider Ian Rapport.

Will Wilson leave the Seahawks for NFL 2022?

Russ wants to know his options. I’m not saying he’s definitely going to go, but he wants to look around and see; if you’re Seattle, it’s the same problem they’ve had for the last few years, even if they get a big offer, even if they get, say, three first-round picks for Russell Wilson, who is actually going to be their quarterback and how quickly could they rebuild?, stated the reporter.

In this sense, Rapoport adds that “I wouldn’t rule out a trade, but it has to be obvious and they also need to know the answer to the next question”, remembering that to carry out this operation, they must have the approval of Wilson, since it is included in his contract with the Seahawks.


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