Russell Westbrook’s departure hits a new hurdle

At some point in recent weeks, rumors grew of a possible trade between the Lakers and Pacers for the departure of Russell Westbrook. According to leaks, the Los Angeles franchise would give the base and a first round in exchange for Buddy Hield and Myles Turner. However, the last thing that has been known is that not even the ashes remain of this alternative.

Bob Kravitz, Senior Writer at The Athletic, He says that what separates the two sides is a second-round pick that Angelenos aren’t willing to put in the trade. As miserable as it sounds, it would be this reason that has completely paralyzed the negotiations, although they are likely to resume in the near future. After failing on their bid for Deandre Ayton, perhaps the Pacers will feel comfortable demanding more.

Right now Westbrook’s situation seems unwieldy despite the famous call between him, Davis and LeBron to smooth things over. The player’s desire is to leave the franchise, for which he has broken relations with his already former representative and seems to be in an avid search for a new one. According to leaks from the one who had been his agent since he began his career, all the teams that Russ had options to leave would negotiate a buy out with him from day one.

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