Russell Westbrook responds to taunts from Sacramento Kings in Los Angeles Lakers loss

The new defeat Los Angeles Lakersthis time at home Sacramento Kings by 116-125, had as one of its protagonists to the base Russell Westbrook, pointed out as responsible for this fall and being mocked by the local team.

In his 37 minutes on the field, the Brodie barely recorded eight points, in addition to 12 rebounds and six assists, with a very poor 14 percent shooting from the field, which has caused that at the beginning of 2022 in the National Basketball Association (NBA), your success rate drops to less than 50 percent.

Of course before Westbrook’s bad moment in the Lakers, the kings they made fun of the rival at all times, causing the soundman of the Golden 1 Center put the phrase on the speakers “Cold as Ice!” (as cold as ice) every time he missed a pitch.

Sacramento Kings teasing Westbrook and his response

As if that were not enough, the California team at the end of the game put the image of the point guard on their scoreboard, who was chosen as The Coolest Player of the Match, parodying a commercial for beer used for cold-blooded players at key moments in the game.

Sacramento Kings mockery of Russell Westbrook (Instagram: @dakidgowie)

Faced with these taunts against him by the Kings, Westbrook responded by pointing out that “That’s funny. I hope they’ve played that for the last 14 years too. Funny that they’re playing it now. That’s cute.”, referring to his NBA career.

Although we are far from pointing out that the Brody is experiencing its worst season, its current numbers, with an average of 18.7 points, 8.2 rebounds and 8.1 assists, are comparable to those of his first two seasons in Oklahoma City Thunder.


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