Russell Westbrook communicates his final decision to the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James for NBA 2022

For more desire than himself Lebron James Y Los Angeles Lakers had to sign new stars for the next season of the National Basketball Association (NBA)his plan of action required that Russell Westbrook make a decision about your future.

After the non-arrival of his team at the Playoffsthere were multiple rumors that mentioned a departure from the base after the general disagreement about his performance in the campaign, the lowest since 2009-10, his second year in Oklahoma City Thunder.

However, the words of both the Lakers general manager, Rob Pelinkalike your new coach Darvin Hamruined any chance of an exit for the next NBA season, which led Westbrook to make a final decision.

Westbrook informs Lakers and LeBron of his final decision

As revealed by the insider Adrian Wojnarowskiof the chain ESPNthe player informed the franchise that will use the player option for the last year of his contractso he will play next season with the gold and purple squad before entering free agency.

Twitter: @wojespn

In fact, the information adds that Westbrook’s representative, Thad Foucher, plans to present the documentation at the Lakers offices this day, since he has until Wednesday, June 29 to make his option effective. He will continue to play with LeBron and Anthony Davis.

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