Rummenigge wants a woman in the DFB leadership

The former Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge pleads for a woman in the top management when it comes to the personnel renewal of the German Football Association.

“I would wish the DFB a strong woman in the leadership, because a woman would be good for the DFB, especially in terms of loyalty and harmony and would also take account of the positive development of women’s football,” said Rummenigge in an interview with the “Deutsche Presse -Agency”.

At the DFB Bundestag on March 11 in Bonn, a new president will be elected to succeed Fritz Keller, who resigned in May last year. Bernd Neuendorf, President of the Middle Rhine Football Association, will then take on interim boss Peter Peters. “I think Mr. Neuendorf will be the favorite because two thirds of the votes come from the amateur camp. He will be able to unite them,” believes Rummenigge.

However, the long-time chairman of the board of FC Bayern Munich is skeptical that the election of a new president alone will lead the association out of its deep crisis of confidence. “As long as the top of the DFB continues to be disloyal and disharmonious, I do not expect a liberation,” said Rummenigge. For him, the bad DFB state that has been in place for years is “due to the people involved”.

Rummenigge doubts that the new DFB president will be able to fill in the gaps between professionals and amateurs again: “Professional football doesn’t want to have anything to do with the DFB at the moment, because the image of the DFB has long since become a malus for German football . But you should give the newly elected leadership a serious and fair chance to improve things again.”


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