“Rejection” to FC Bayern was correct

Southampton coach Ralph Hasenhüttl looked back on his “refusal” at Bayern.

SpVgg Unterhaching, VfR Aalen, FC Ingolstadt and RB Leipzig: Ralph Hasenhüttl knows German football like the back of his hand. In 2018, today’s Premier League coach was even a big topic at Bayern. At that time, a successor had to be found for the successful coach Jupp Heynckes, who had taken over the services of the sacked Carlo Ancelotti until the end of the season, but under no circumstances wanted to continue.

A possible successor was quickly found in the person of Ralph Hasenhüttl, who was a successful football coach at RB Leipzig at the time. But the Austrian didn’t like the fact that his name was haunted so intensely by the media.

At that time he explained, among other things: “I don’t think that a coach Hasenhüttl can be a candidate for FC Bayern. FC Bayern is able to get any coach in the world. One with much more experience and more titles. Experience is indispensable for such a club at the highest level.”

Hasenhüttl does not seem to have regretted these words to this day. Asked by the “kicker” what the last three years at Southampton FC have done to him since he switched at the end of 2018, he said: “Definitely a more perfect coach and manager.”

Hasenhüttl: …then ManCity will tear you apart!

When he started in Unterhaching in the 3rd division, he never dreamed of leading a club in the Premier League with 400 employees, Hasenhüttl enthused.

“I’ve learned a lot. When you play against the best teams in the world week in and week out, you have to find solutions to have a chance. That definitely makes you better as a coach. Because every detail has to be spot on, because you have to face every situation must be prepared and because in this league each of your weaknesses is pointed out immediately,” said the 54-year-old, giving an example: “If we don’t have a good match plan with our club against Manchester City, they’ll break you up. Then we don’t stand a chance .”

That’s why the speculation about an engagement with the German record champions in early and mid-2018 came too early, which is why Hasenhüttl finally “cancelled” publicly.

“During my time in Leipzig, I had the feeling that I could and still had to learn a lot,” stressed Hasenhüttl. “When the subject of Bayern Munich came up, I said quite frankly: I’m not ready yet. Looking back, that was absolutely the right statement.”


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