Red Bull “miles” below expectations

Formula 1 racing team Red Bull experienced a difficult Friday at Silverstone and, according to Sergio Pérez, was “miles” away from expectations. However, Max Verstappen is not worried.

Does Red Bull have bigger problems at Silverstone? At least the training Friday for the team of world champion Max Verstappen did not go as smoothly as desired. The Dutchman finished fourth, two tenths of a second behind, while team-mate Sergio Pérez was only seventh, eight tenths of a second behind.

The Mexican in particular is surprised at the lack of pace: “It was a difficult day and not what we expected,” he says. “The car feels completely different than how we prepared it in the simulator.” The Red Bull is “miles away” from that.

Pérez speaks of some “aerodynamic issues” that he doesn’t want to elaborate on, but which the team needs to sort out by tomorrow. “We understand what’s going on, but in the end it’s important that we get a handle on it,” he says. “We’re a bit behind at the moment.”

For him, the bad feeling follows seamlessly from the last race in Canada: “That was the first time that it didn’t work out for me in the RB18,” he says. “So for me this weekend is about getting that great feeling back and getting on the podium.”

Before the weekend, “Checo” was still optimistic that Red Bull should be in a good position. After Friday he’s not quite so optimistic: “It’s going to be quite difficult. But we’ve done it before and if I get my confidence back then it should be fine.”

Max Verstappen sees “no big problem”

As usual, teammate and world championship leader Max Verstappen is less worried. Because you didn’t drive in the first practice, the second practice is always a guessing game. “Usually you build on the first practice session. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t a big problem either,” he says.

“Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work very well,” he notes. “And this time it wasn’t very good. But it wasn’t really bad either. We’re there and we can still look at a few things.”

He emphasizes that Red Bull knows what to work on. “And we will try to do that overnight. And tomorrow it will probably rain again, so the conditions will be completely different then.”

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