Real Madrid and FC Barcelona sign non-aggression pact

In the league, leaders Real Madrid (50 points) are miles ahead of arch-rivals FC Barcelona (35 points), who are currently in trouble, but the two top teams of the past LaLiga decade are likely to meet again on an equal footing in the not too distant future. Now both clubs are said to have decided not to harm each other.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have agreed a “non-aggression pact”. This reveals the “mark“.

Accordingly, the two club presidents Joan Laporta (FC Barcelona) and Florentino Pérez (Real Madrid) have agreed on the fundamentals of how the two teams will deal with each other. The pact was not written down, but was made verbally and sealed with a handshake, reports the sports newspaper.

The decisive factor was that otherwise there was a fear of losing the superiority and strength in the league that had been developed over the years. Both clubs have decided to weigh up their moves and think about the opponent before making sporting decisions that could put the “opponent’s ecosystem” at risk, the statement said.

Real players taboo for Barca – and vice versa

In this context, it was therefore agreed that players from the opposing club are taboo on the transfer market. This also applies to actors who earn their money in the respective youth departments. Only stars whose contract only runs for half a year can be approached. However, FIFA rules allow players with only six months left to negotiate freely with interested parties.

According to the report, however, the agreement does not ensure that the two clubs will face each other on the transfer market in the future. Currently, Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund and Brazil child prodigy Endrick from Palmeiras are traded at both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.


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