Police fear dangerous protests in Silverstone

The British Forme 1 Grand Prix, which takes place at Silverstone on Sunday, could again be accompanied by a protest.

This is reported by the responsible police in Northamptonshire, citing “credible information”.

It is believed that a protest group may plan to storm the circuit on Sunday to disrupt the event and draw global attention.

However, the police emphasized that this could endanger people and announced that they would take full action against any criminal offenses.

Silverstone: There have already been protests

Silverstone has been the scene of protests several times in the past. Most recently in 2020, behind closed doors due to the pandemic, when four activists from environmental group Extinction Rebellion were arrested for holding a placard reading “Act Now!” hanged and committed trespassing.

Or in 2003, when the right-wing extremist priest Cornelius Horan stormed the track on Hangarstraight during the race and some cars had to swerve to avoid a catastrophe.

The police are now calling on the protest activists to think carefully about their actions: “Going to a race track is extremely dangerous. If you continue with this reckless plan, you are putting lives at risk!”

Formula 1: Police offer help

Instead, they offer to report to the police. Together with the authorities, you can then ensure a peaceful and harmless protest.

If that doesn’t work, the 400,000 expected spectators will also be asked to report suspicious actions to the security staff immediately.

Incidentally, it is not publicly known which protest group is involved in the suspicion.

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