Pole Vault: Next Duplantis Gala in Berlin

Pole vault world record holder Armand Duplantis has underlined his early exceptional form with the next year’s world record.

At the ISTAF Indoor in Berlin, the Olympic champion from Sweden won on Friday with a strong 6.03 m. The 22-year-old had already jumped the six-meter mark with 6.02 m at the season opener in Karlsruhe a week earlier.

As there, Duplantis also attempted the world record height of 6.19 m in Berlin, which is one centimeter above his record set in Glasgow in 2020, and failed three times. During the last attempt, the bar only jumped out of its holder at the last moment. Second behind the outstanding winner was KC Lightfoot from the USA with 5.92 m.

From a German point of view, Oleg Zernikel (Landau) stood out positively, who set a personal best with 5.81 m in third place. Leverkusen’s Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (5.70 m) and Torben Blech (5.45 m) finished fifth and eighth.

Meanwhile, Duplantis is planning a trio in 2022 with the titles at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade (March 18-20), the World Championships in Eugene/Oregon (July 15-24) and the European Championships in Munich (July 15-21). August).


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