Perplexity after the NoKo women’s Olympic exit

Official Horst Hüttel from the German Ski Association (DSV) was disappointed after the IOC cancellation for the women’s Nordic combined.

“There are definitely sports at the Olympics with less than ten nations at the start, but they have already had two Olympic periods behind them,” said Hüttel, who is the DSV team manager for ski jumping and the combination, at “Sport1”.

Last Friday, the station wagon women were refused admission to the Olympic program for 2026. In the medium term, this could also threaten men’s combined athletes.

Hüttel is irritated that the combined athletes are initially not allowed to be part of the games, despite the IOC’s efforts towards gender equality. “That’s the crux of the matter that’s baffling us,” he said.

From Hüttel’s point of view, you measure with two different standards. “Therefore, the reasoning is incomprehensible to me.” The combination women celebrated their premiere at the Nordic World Ski Championships 2021 in Oberstdorf, initially with an individual competition.

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