Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs claim for a rule that allows them to continue in the 2022 NFL Playoffs

In one of the most exciting games that gave us the Divisional Round in the Playoffs of the National Football League (NFL), at Arrowhead Stadium, Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs eliminated buffalo bills in a duel that was defined in extra time.

And it is that according to the rules of the competition, the team that wins the flown for the extension you have the first option to win the duel if you convert the touch downOtherwise, in the following possessions, whoever scores a TD or a field goal wins.

In fact, the statistic is that in 10 of last 11 NFL Playoffs games, who went into overtime, victory went to the team that won the draw, as happened with the chiefs, who despite leaving “benefited” made a claim for this regulation.

Chiefs question NFL for rule that favored them in Playoffs

Coach of the Missouri squad, Andy Reed, stated that I was able to talk to Sean McDermott (Buffalo coach) after the game. It was great for us last night, but, Was it good for the match, which is the most important thing?, adding that “To make things fair, probably the best thing would be to have the offensive and defensive.

The main affected by this rule, buffalo bills, who through his quarterback Josh Allen, preferred not to argue, noting that that’s the rules. I can’t complain, because if it had been in our favor, we would be celebrating. So are the things. We didn’t make the necessary plays.”.

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