ÖSV reacts to harsh material criticism

The Austrian biathlete Felix Leitner took 16th place in the Olympic individual competition on Tuesday. The Austrian was a whopping 3:42 minutes short of the fastest runner on the trail. Leitner called his skis a “disaster”.

“I would have hoped otherwise, but I knew that we would have problems with our skis when it was freezing cold. That came true,” said the Tyrolean after the race.

However, the biathlete’s criticism was not well received by the Austrian Ski Association. “So far, our athletes have been very satisfied with the material and our evaluations and, above all, the results of our athletes confirm that,” explained ÖSV sports director Anton Giger, who was “particularly astonished” about Leitner’s statements a ski was used on him that had already led to medals in the same conditions and by other athletes”, opposite “The press”.

The running analyzes of the men’s singles were not yet complete on Wednesday morning, but an explanation regarding the poor running performance of the Austrian biathlete was already circulating.

ÖSV is one of the top nations in biathlon

So it is said that Leitner loves wet snow, which allows the athletes to sink deep into it, since it has advantages here due to its low weight. However, the trail at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing is dull due to the low temperatures and is also extremely hard, which does not suit the 25-year-old.

“Our employees in the ski service and technology departments are doing sensational work here under very challenging conditions,” said Giger on “Die Presse”. One operates a “a cross-divisional system”.

In addition, according to the ÖSV, “the team is definitely one of the top nations in the field of biathlon.”


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