Orlando lists Gary Harris and Terrence Ross for sale

With the Orlando Magic occupying the long-awaited tail of the league in victories, this moment was about to come. One month after the closing of the transfer market, the latest rumors They suggest that the Florida offices are seeking to transfer Gary Harris and Terrence Ross. Why now and not before? Because it is just the peak of desperation for teams that believe they can throw in the rest between now and the end of the season.

The presence of a bench scorer like Ross doesn’t make any sense in a team with as little desire to compete as the Magic. Even less for the 24 million that remain to be collected between this and the next academic year. Harris’s salary is even more hefty, and the $ 20 million he has left for this season are going to be hard to come by. Perhaps this has pushed him to be initially included as part of the immediate future of the project, but Jeff Weltman will seek to get something of value in return. At the moment no interested teams are reported.

(Cover photo by Quinn Harris / Getty Images)

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