Only one driver waited longer than Sainz for a win

Statistically speaking, success falls into the lap of some Formula 1 drivers. Others have to wait longer for the first big breakthrough. It took Carlos Sainz 150 Grand Prix starts to cross the finish line as a winner for the first time.

Giuseppe Farina won right from his first start. That was at the British Grand Prix in 1950. It was the first race of modern Formula 1. That being said, there was actually one driver who won in his very first start.

That was Giancarlo Baghetti at the French Grand Prix in Reims in 1961. Jacques Villeneuve won his fourth race in 1996. Lewis Hamilton won his seventh race, Ayrton Senna his 16th and Michael Schumacher his 18th.

With his first triumph at his 150th start, Sainz has joined an illustrious squad that had to wait a long time for the big breakthrough. “I think the first win is always a relief,” says Sainz. “I can not lie.”

Only one driver had to wait longer. That was Sergio Perez, who won for the first time at Sachir 2020 with Racing-Point on his 190th start. At Silverstone, Perez was second on the podium and celebrated Sainz with a fitting champagne shower.

“The win feels like a relief,” says Sainz. “Because here it is, I have a Formula 1 victory. Of course I want to fight for more. I want to get better with this car and try to make it work again.”

Sainz made his debut in the premier class in 2015. The Spaniard finally came to Ferrari via Toro Rosso, Renault and McLaren. He also had to wait a long time for his first podium finish. Almost five years. In his 101st Grand Prix, he finished third in Brazil 2019.

Carlos Sainz never lost faith

Sainz now claimed his first pole position and his first win at Silverstone. “I never had any doubts that this win would come. Even though this year has been difficult for me so far. I could have won in Monaco and in Canada I was super close.”

“It was about time something happened in the race and I could win. Or a race that I could have won through performance – like Canada. So I kept believing in it. If this sport has taught me one thing, it’s that you keep going have to believe in it.”

“Things have never been easy for me in my career. But this is a great example of how it still happens,” says Sainz. His famous father of the same name was twice World Rally Champion, won 26 WRC races and also the Dakar Rally four times.

Mattia Binotto praises Sainz: “Very important for the World Championship fight”

Did he step out of his father’s shadow with his first Formula 1 victory? Even as a Ferrari driver? “I’m very happy for Carlos,” said Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto. “I’m so happy that this win worked out after so many races together with Ferrari.”

“He showed a very strong weekend and deserved it. Maybe he wasn’t the fastest on those two days, but his strength is that he always tries to optimize everything. He wants to be there when opportunities arise.”

“He did a very good lap in the wet and took pole. And he took his chances in the race too. Congratulations to Carlos! I think he’s finding more and more confidence. You can only get pole in the rain if you has peace of mind and trust in the car.”

“I’m happy to see his progress. It’s going to be very important for the World Championship because we need two good drivers. We know it’s a close fight. It’s been close against Red Bull since the start of the season. It will be in the next few as well race.”

The driver with the most races without a win

With his victory in the 150th race, Sainz said goodbye to another list. Namely from the statistics of most race starts without a triumph. And there are some who have even competed in more races than Sainz but have never crossed the finish line first.

There’s Jean-Pierre Jarier and Eddie Cheever, who competed in 132 and 134 Grands Prix respectively in their careers. Derek Warwick had 147 starts and Martin Brundle 158. Romain Grosjean started 179 races.

The two Germans Nico Hulkenberg (181 starts) and Nick Heidfeld (183) never made it onto the top step of the podium either. The record holder is Andrea de Cesaris, who has not won any of his 208 races. Except for Hülkenberg, all of the names mentioned have at least achieved podium places.

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