Olympics 2022 | Tobogganing: Natalie Geisenberger leads

Painful belly landing for toboggan favorite Julia Taubitz: The overall World Cup winner initially opened the Olympic race with a track record, but fell in the second run in the notorious curve 13 at a good 120 km/h and had to bury all hopes for gold.

One day after Johannes Ludwig’s coup, however, Taubitz’s rival Natalie Geisenberger, as the half-time leader, is about to win the next gold medal. Second is the Olympic debutant Anna Berreiter from Berchtesgaden. Races three and four will be held on Tuesday.

The German supervisors clapped their hands in front of their faces in horror as Taubitz, lying on his stomach with the sled on his back, slid to the finish. The 25-year-old then put her hands on her knees and had to take a deep breath, digest the pain and shock.

Meanwhile, Geisenberger is completely satisfied and is close to her Olympic hat-trick after victories in Sochi in 2014 and in Pyeongchang in 2018. The lead over Olympic debutant Berreiter is 0.208 seconds.

Crash at turn 13

Taubitz and rival Geisenberger initially beat each other in best times on the 1475 meter long track. The Olympic critic from Miesbach set a track record, Taubitz immediately countered and reduced the best time to 58.345 seconds. Taubitz was also fast in the second round before she lost control of her sled after the 13th of a total of 16 corners.

After all, she still made it to the finish with sports equipment, so that she can compete again on Tuesday and hope for a small miracle. Because Taubitz is already 1.595 seconds behind Geisenberger, which is actually impossible to catch up in tobogganing.

Goldjunge Ludwig followed the women’s competition directly at the track – and was probably already thinking a little about his future. The 35-year-old left it open whether he wanted to end his career now or take home the World Cup in Oberhof 2023 with him. He wanted to “take some time” and talk to the family.

“Then I’ll take my time to decide whether I’ll add another season,” he explained. Oberhof would definitely appeal to him: “That would be a nice farewell.”

“I’m not a bookworm”

Ludwig has a new fan in bestselling author Sebastian Fitzek. “I’m incredibly happy that I was able to make a tiny contribution to this great achievement. It was worth writing “The Package” for that alone. My warmest congratulations to Johannes Ludwig and his entire team,” said the 50- Year-old of the “German Press Agency”.

Ludwig had previously reported that he had read Fitzek’s book “Das Paket” before the final on Sunday. “I’m not a bookworm, but I read a chapter further,” reported Ludwig. “It was a very exciting chapter because the villain was revealed.” The 2016 psychological thriller is about a serial rapist and his victim


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