Olympics 2022 | Seegert on quarantine: “No horror scenarios in mind”

Figure skater Nolan Seegert, who is in corona quarantine, has difficulties with the forced immobility in the room of his isolation hotel.

“Of course it’s not healthy to go from 100 percent to zero,” said the 29-year-old Berliner at the Winter Olympics in Beijing of the German Press Agency. “Forcing someone to do it is not good.” At least “a courtyard walk” should have been built in. Only after three days was a bicycle ergometer made available to him in a room opposite, said Seegert.

Seegert, who finished eighth at the European Championships together with pair skating partner Minerva Hase in January, has little understanding of leaving him without training opportunities for so long. “The Olympic Games are the greatest sporting competition for an athlete in a lifetime,” he said. “If you can expect it anywhere, it’s here.”

It is difficult for him to assess what the consequences of this will be for the pair skating individual competition scheduled for February 18th and 19th after the forced break. “There is a reason why we go on the ice every day,” said Seegert in preparation. “We haven’t trained together for a week. It’s a big loss.”

Nevertheless, he wants to try everything to cut a good figure on the Olympic ice with the rabbit. “I’m trying to do the best I can and not have horror scenarios in my head right now,” he said. The duo could not take part in the team competition.

He has survived being alone in isolation well so far, especially since it was not the first quarantine this winter. The duo also had to endure something similar at the Grand Prix in Japan. “We athletes didn’t choose China or Corona,” said Seegert. “But everyone knew that it would be Corona games.” That’s why the disappointment of not having noticed anything from the Olympics after the positive test is not too great: “There is still a chance that it will still be good.”

They would not have set themselves a sporting Olympic goal anyway. “We are realistic and know that we are not competing for medals. For us, it’s about putting two good performances on the ice,” said Seegert. “The first goal is to get out of the quarantine, which hopefully is not that far away.”


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