Olympics 2022 | Number of corona cases at the winter games increased slightly

After a downward trend of several days, the number of corona cases at the Winter Games in Beijing rose again slightly.

As the organizers announced, nine new infections were discovered among more than 71,000 corona tests on Wednesday. On Tuesday, infections had reached their all-time low with just five cases. Since the wave of arrivals for the Winter Games began on January 23, 408 infections have been detected at the airport and in the closed bladder.

The organizers see the relatively low number of cases in the last few days as proof of the effectiveness of the protective measures taken.

A strict Corona security concept applies to the Winter Games. Everyone involved – from athletes to journalists – is completely segregated from the rest of the Chinese population. Anyone who has contracted the virus will be isolated in a specially designated hotel.

Only after two negative PCR tests at least 24 hours apart can those affected leave before the end of ten days. After this period, only a negative PCR test is required.


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