Olympics 2022 | “He’s fine again”: the cameraman gives the all-clear

After the health problems of a ZDF cameraman during the TV broadcast of the Winter Olympics from China, moderator Alexander Ruda gave the all-clear.

“He’s fine again,” Ruda said on the live broadcast from the Zhangjiakou biathlon, adding: “He had a little hypothermia, which he had before. He drank a little, took off his mask and took a deep breath.”

While Ruda and expert Sven Fischer analyzed Denise Herrmann’s Olympic victory individually, the cameraman complained of nausea and apparently had problems staying still, the television picture was extremely restless. “Is everything okay here, are we still in the picture?” asked Ruda.

As a result, ZDF briefly interrupted the transmission from China and returned to the broadcasting studio in Mainz.


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