Olympics 2022| Corona chaos in the Russian ice hockey team never ends

The corona vortex around Russia’s ice hockey women at the Olympic Games in Beijing never ends. According to the world association IIHF, another player was infected with the virus.

Explosive: Attacker Polina Bolgareva received her positive test result after the game against Canada, in which both teams wore masks due to corona concerns.

“It’s a difficult situation,” said coach Yevgeny Bobariko, “we’ve been in quarantine from day one. Since we’ve had positive test results, the girls have been practically locked in their rooms. We can’t go out. We’re only allowed to go to games and training afterwards outside.”

DEB sports director Christian Künast does not fear a similar scenario in the men’s tournament. “I don’t think men will play with masks,” said the former goalkeeper, “I can’t imagine that, it’s just not possible.”

There was “no new infection” in the twelve men’s teams, he reported, the cases in Latvia or Denmark went back to old infections, and the CT value in the PCR tests was in the critical range between 35 and 40.

Ice hockey: Bolgareva eighth Corona case in the Russian women’s team

Bolgareva is the eighth corona case in the Russian women’s team. The Canadians initially refused to play on Monday because the results of the Russian PCR tests were not yet available. After a long back and forth, both teams ran up an hour late with mouth and nose protection under the ice hockey grid.

Before the last third, the Russians took off their masks, the Canadians, who won 6-1, wore the protection until the end of the game. On Tuesday, the Finns also played against the Russian Olympic Committee team in masks and won 5-0.


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