Olympics 2022 | Combined Weber has to pass

Combined skier Terence Weber, who tested positive for Corona last week, will not start in the individual from the normal hill, contrary to what was hoped.

“Unfortunately, Terence’s values ​​have deteriorated a bit again. Unfortunately, we can’t get him out of isolation yet,” said team doctor Stefan Pecher a few hours before the Olympic competition on Wednesday.

National coach Hermann Weinbuch had hoped on Tuesday that Weber would be released from quarantine and be the fourth German to be registered. Thus, only Johannes Rydzek, Vinzenz Geiger and Julian Schmid (all Oberstdorf) will contest the competition (from 4:00 p.m. OZ/9:00 a.m. CET/ZDF and Eurosport).

“We hope that Terence can join the team again tomorrow,” continued Pecher.

There is good news from Eric Frenzel, who also tested positive. “Thank God Eric’s values ​​have improved significantly. I also got values ​​from his heart rate monitor, he is in top shape. We hope that he can start again next week,” said Pecher.


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