Olympics 2022 | Column by Martina Ertl: “Hats off to Denise Hermann!”

The XXIV Olympic Winter Games will take place in Beijing from February 4th to 20th. Martina Ertl is someone who knows what is important at a major event. The former alpine star took part in five winter games and won three medals. For, the 48-year-old comments on what is happening around the major event in China.

How have they been scolded for their performances in the World Cup. It didn’t really work out. The spoiled German audience viewed the results of the pre-Olympic period with growing suspicion. In addition to the mixed results, there was also bad luck with injuries. Two foot injuries, one at Janina Hettich and one at Franziska Preuss, caused the first two biathletes to stumble; at Preuss there was also a corona infection.

Everyone looked at Denise Hermann and that seemed to become more and more of a burden to her. When the many ex-biathlon queens, acting as experts for the ever-present television stations and media publishers, struck a clearer tone about team performance, every die-hard biathlon fancied something terrible for the games.

But then came the answer, which had it all. Biathlon gold for Denise Hermann and fourth place for Olympic debutant Vanessa Voigt, which also cannot be rated highly enough. Now, of course, all critical remarks were happily resolved. In other words: Denise Hermann had done her homework, focused all her preparations on the Beijing competitions, and was in a good mood when it counted.

Denise crowned herself

She completed the competition with confidence, was self-confident from the first shooting and, at the latest after the second shooting without a mistake, gave an idea of ​​what could come today, struggled with the 13th shot, but caught it immediately, only to keep a clean sheet.

Denise has crowned herself and I bow. I find it particularly remarkable that she is now one of the few athletes to have won Olympic medals in two different disciplines. Hats off!

The gold medal could have an effect on the biathlon team that should not be underestimated, at best it could be an initial spark. In any case, for Denise Hermann it is always the culmination of her sporting career. From now on she will be able to enjoy the games and act without pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised if she continues to make headlines in the coming days.

Warm greetings

Martina Ertl


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