Olympics 2022 | Alpine skiing: violent Zoff in the Italian Olympic team

In the Italian ski team, the house blessing is very wrong. On the sidelines of the Super-G of the Olympic Winter Games, Matteo Marsaglia shot with harsh words in the direction of Italy’s winter sports association FISI. The answer to the allegations was not long in coming.

The men’s Super-G could not have gone worse for the Italian ski aces. In 18th, Matteo Marsaglia was still the best Azzurro when the Austrian Matthias Mayer won, his compatriots Dominik Paris (21st) and Christof Innerhofer (35th) ended up even further down the rankings.

Marsaglia caused excitement after the downhill race in an interview with “RAI”. With regard to the start in the Super-G, he reported in front of the camera that the association had urged him not to start. “They asked me if I could not do without the Super-G because they would like to let Mattia Casse drive.”

Casse, a close friend of Marsaglia, had not been nominated for the Olympics by the federation. However, he is in Beijing as a reserve driver and will step in if a quota slot becomes available. In the Super-G he is credited with significantly better results than Marsaglia and Co.

At the same time, the 36-year-old skier made explosive accusations against the FISI: “I explained to them that I couldn’t do it. Should I say that I’m sick, so make a false statement? You don’t joke with things like that. And why should I do this at all?”

FISI denies allegations

Marsaglia would rather not start than pass on his Olympic ticket. “They’re trying to goad me against Mattia Casse. But he’s my friend, I’ll be his best man.” For four years he would be pushed by the association to end his career, the Roman added.

Massimo Rinaldi, sporting director of the ski men, reacted to the allegations before the Super-G. “I never made such a request to Matteo. I also never asked him to make false statements. That would have legal consequences.”

Mattia Casse also spoke afterwards. “Matteo is not only a teammate but also a good friend. He is in Beijing to compete here and he has the right to his starting place. I came to China hoping that one of the quota places would become available.”

After the Super-G, Matteo Marsaglia renewed at “RAI“However, his allegations. He sticks to his statements. “A shameful thing.”


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