Olympics 2022 | After farce in ski jumping: controller rejects guilt

The Finnish material controller Mika Jukkara has rejected any criticism after the ski jumping farce in the Olympic mixed competition. “The disqualifications were only pronounced by Ms. Aga Baczkowska. I had nothing to do with it,” the 58-year-old clarified in a written statement available to “SID”.

At the mixed premiere, five jumpers from four top nations were disqualified because their suits were too big. Katharina Althaus was also affected. As a result, all four nations had no chance of winning the medals.

Then the men’s inspector Jukkara was also dealt with harshly. “Some person falsely claimed that I was in the women’s dressing room during the controls. That is not true. Since I checked the men at the same time, it was not possible at all,” wrote the FIS inspector. Only the Pole Baczkowska was responsible for the women.

Hannawald defends Controller Jukkara

National coach Stefan Horngacher had also criticized Jukkara, but was mainly referring to the numerous controls and disqualifications during the World Cup season.

Jukkara also defended himself against this criticism. “During the season we followed the rules more closely and carried out the controls more precisely than in previous years. The result can be seen with the men, the suits are much more similar than in the past. This ensures more fairness and leads our sport in a fairer and safer direction,” Jukkara said.

The Finn had also been backed up recently. Jukkara is an inspector “who pays rigorous attention to the suits, and that’s why the men’s competitions are fairer,” Sven Hannawald told “watson”.


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