Olympic Winter Games | Confirmed: Frenzel and Weber miss the first individual

For Eric Frenzel and Terence Weber, a start in the first Olympic decision of the Nordic combined on Wednesday is out of the question after their positive corona tests.

“The first competition is over, unfortunately. Health clearly comes before a gold medal, I have to protect it,” said team doctor Stefan Pecher on Saturday. The German Ski Association (DSV) therefore decided that teammate Manuel Faißt would travel to Beijing from Germany on Sunday.

Both the three-time Olympic champion Frenzel and Weber are doing well physically, said Pecher. “Eric and Terence are still showing no symptoms. It’s difficult mentally, especially for Eric Frenzel. It hurts him that he had to go to the quarantine hotel,” said Pecher. On the other hand, he is in good spirits for the duo to play in the two large hill competitions in the second week.

Pecher also criticized the accommodation in the Corona Hotel. “When I got the first videos from Eric, I was a little surprised. I’ve never seen him mentally in a situation like this and I’ve known him for a long time. I’ll put it this way: It wasn’t exactly a grand hotel,” he said. Weber therefore isolated himself in his own team hotel. “Terence was also supposed to go to the hotel, but after the pictures I resisted massively,” said Pecher.

Faißt meanwhile travels from Zurich via Milan to China on Sunday, and team Olympic champion Fabian Rießle is also ready for anything. It is not clear whether Faißt will play on Wednesday. According to the current IOC regulations, Faißt would have to replace either Frenzel or Weber for the entire games. However, the DSV wants to try to adapt this regulation.


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