Olympic Winter Games 2022 – live ticker from Wednesday, February 9th, 2022


Snowboard (F): Is it enough for Ettel?

Leilani Ettel has to tremble on the halfpipe to qualify for the final! The 20-year-old from Germany botched her second round and now has to hope that she can stay in the top 12. Ettel is currently in tenth place in the intermediate classification with 68.75 points, but a total of five athletes are still waiting to play and could cause postponements.


Ski Freestyle (M): Swiss and Austrians not included

The awarding of medals at the Big-Air takes place without German-speaking participants. Quite surprisingly, the four Swiss freestylers Andri Ragettli, Fabian Bösch, Kim Gubser and Colin Wili could not place among the top twelve athletes in the qualification and have already been eliminated. It didn’t go much better for the runners from Austria on Sunday, because both Daniel Bacher and Matej Svancer also ended up at the back of the field. The German Ski Association did not send any starters into the competition from the start.


Alpine skiing (F): Slokar in fourth place

Andreja Slokar conjures up the next respectable success in the snow! The Slovenian climbs to fourth place with a rhythmic, beautiful run and is in the running for the precious metal. The Swiss Camille Rast also made it into the top ten with a courageous performance. For the last two Austrians, however, the first round doesn’t go according to plan. While Katharina Truppe and Mikaela Shiffrin thread in, Katharina Huber is 1.37 seconds behind.


Ski Freestyle (M): Who will win the first Big Air gold?

For the first time in Olympic history, the freestylers will fight for a set of medals in the Big Air competition from 4 a.m. (CET). We can look forward to spectacular jumps with the highest levels of difficulty. The favorite for gold is the Norwegian Ruud Birk, who showed his enormous potential on the kicker two days ago in the qualification and was able to take the clear first place. Alexander Hall from the USA and the Swede Oliwer Magnusson also easily cleared the hurdle and are now aiming for a place on the podium.


Alpine skiing (F): Hector surprised

Who would have thought it: Lena Dürr can slowly but surely come to terms with the idea that the DSV hope will lead the Olympic slalom at halftime. Is her golden helmet a cue for the second round? We hope so! The giant slalom winner Sara Hector is also bursting with self-confidence and is also involved in the fight for the medals today. The Swede crossed the finish line just 12 hundredths behind Dürr’s best time and took third place. For the Austrian Katharina Gallhuber it is currently only enough for eighth place.


Alpine skiing (F): Shiffrin is out again!

Incomprehensible! Already in the giant slalom, top favorite Mikaela Shiffrin was eliminated in the first run and today she actually has the same mishap again at the third goal. She leans in too far again and slides away with too little pressure on the outside ski. All alone American sits disappointed in the snow and no longer understands the world. Previously, the Swiss Wendy Holdener was not able to attack Lena Dürr due to a mistake on the steep slope, but still managed to take third place.


Alpine skiing (F): Gisin is also impressive

Michelle Gisin is the first athlete to get up close and personal with Lena Dürr, who is still the leader. The Swiss pushes themselves up to three hundredths of the German through a strong final sprint and celebrates the second place at the finish. The reigning world champion Katharina Liensberger from Austria then sorted herself into third position.


Alpine skiing (F): Dürr faster than Vlhová

Lena Dürr opens the Olympic slalom with an optically very good run without any mistakes! After a driving time of 52.17 seconds, the DSV starter finally reached the finish and set the first benchmark. In the following, Petra Vlhová shows how this performance is to be assessed. The Slovakian couldn’t keep up with Dürr’s pace right from the start and ended up a whopping 72 hundredths behind.


Snowboard (F): Kim leads at qualifying halftime

The first qualifying round in the Secret Garden Olympic halfpipe is over: The gold favorite Chloe Kim from the USA is still leading the competition and distanced the Chinese Xuetong Cai and Mitsuki Ono from Japan to the following places. The German runner Leilani Ettel is currently in ninth place and would be qualified for the final if the 20-year-old can defend this position.


Alpine skiing (F): Also Holdener and Liensberger among the favorites

The Swiss hope that Wendy Holdener can take on the dominators Petra Vlhová and Mikaela Shiffrin. “I don’t want to see it in the way that the two have to make a mistake so that others can go forward. I just want to show my best performance myself,” said the 28-year-old. Michelle Gisin also thinks she has a chance of getting on the podium and completes the Swiss team together with Camille Rast and Aline Danioth. The Austrians are again counting on reigning world champion Katharina Liensberger, but their teammates Katharina Truppe, Katharina Gallhuber and Katharina Huber are not hopeless in the competition either.


Alpine skiing (F): dry with podium chances?

The time has come: In the alpine slalom, the technical specialists in the Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Center are chasing the medals. The search is on for the successor to the Swede Frida Hansdotter, who celebrated Olympic victory in Pyeongchang in 2018 but has now ended her career. The top favorites are Petra Vlhová from Slovakia and Mikaela Shiffrin from the USA. However, both experienced the first setback in the giant slalom two days ago. Lena Dürr also has chances for precious metal. “Actually, I just have to concentrate on skiing, the result will come naturally,” said the SV Germering athlete. Dürr has already taken third place three times this World Cup winter and is having the most successful season of her career. Emma Aicher is the second DSV runner at the start.


Snowboard (F): Leilani Ettel happy after Olympic debut

The German starter Leilani Ettel has completed her run. With 68.75 rating points, the 20-year-old ended up in seventh place at this point. Eleven athletes have already been in the halfpipe. After her Olympic debut, Ettel beamed with satisfaction and relief for the TV cameras.


Snowboard (W): US star Kim in the lead

Chloe Kim has topped the tableau with a score of 87.75 points. The 21-year-old American is one of the big favorites for gold, as she won the Olympics in Pyeongchang four years ago.


Snowboard (F): 22 starters in the first qualifying run

22 female snowboarders plunge into the Secret Garden Olympic Halfpipe in the first qualifying run. The top twelve athletes advance to the final. By the way, the outside temperature is currently a crisp -13 degrees Celsius.


Lena Dürr opens the women’s slalom

It gets really exciting early Wednesday morning German time when the first run in the women’s alpine slalom is scheduled for 3:15 a.m. Lena Dürr opens the hunt for times as the starting runner. Medal contender Petra Vlhova from Slovakia follows directly behind, superstar Mikaela Shiffrin from the USA starts in seventh place.


Day six starts in the halfpipe

At 2:30 a.m. the half-pipe at the Genting Snow Park in Zhangjiakou gets down to business. The best female snowboarders in the world start their qualifying runs there. From a German point of view it is important to keep your fingers crossed for Leilani Ettel, who will start eleventh.


view of the day

On this sixth day of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, the competitions start at 2:30 a.m. German time. The snowboarders open the day in the qualification of the halfpipe competition. This will be followed by the eagerly awaited women’s slalom in alpine skiing. In addition, the Nordic Combined athletes will start their Olympic adventure at around 9 a.m. with the normal hill jump followed by cross-country skiing at around 12 p.m. The men’s ice hockey preliminary round also begins. But Germany won’t play against the world power Canada until Thursday. Of course, German medal hopes also rest on the tobogganists in the doubles, who will plunge into the ice channel from 1:20 p.m.

Good morning!

Welcome to Day Six of the Winter Olympics! The events in Beijing will not start until around 3 a.m. today, Wednesday. Of course we will bring you through the night and the rest of the competition day!


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