Olympic Winter Games 2022 – Live ticker from Sunday, February 6th, 2022


Taubitz and Berreiter convince

The Eiskanal shouldn’t have really gotten any faster at the back, but the times of the Austrians prove what the runs of Taubitz and Berreiter are worth. With 59.100 seconds, Egle still has the best run and takes third place behind the two Germans, Prock is fifth (+0.487 seconds), Schulte seventh (+0.509 seconds). Emily Sweeney from the USA ended the fifth training session with the fourth best time, Nina Zoeggeler from Italy was sixth. The Swiss Maag is in twelfth place. Geisenberger is only 31 after her bumpy ride.


This is how it goes

The training of the lugers is in the final stages, it will continue shortly with the curling games USA against Czech Republic and Great Britain against China. From 2:30 a.m. the women’s spa program is also on the program as part of the figure skating team competition. It’s all about medals from 2:30 a.m. in the Genting Snowpark, where the first run of the snowboard women in slopestyle is scheduled: Annika Morgan for Germany, Anna Gasser for Austria and Ariane Burri for Switzerland will also be there. After all, Gasser finished fourth in qualifying and will be aiming for precious metal.


Former junior world champion does not get going

The former junior world champion Aileen Frisch, who competed for Germany until 2015 but now competes for South Korea, has also completed her training run. Things are still not going smoothly for the Saarland native. 1:00.497 minutes is sobering.


Mag surprised

Natalie Maag from Switzerland is still surprisingly strong. The Swiss, who is currently only 20th in the overall World Cup, once again underlined the good impressions of the previous trial runs with 59.553 seconds. Ultimately, however, this time should not be enough for a medal.


Light and shadow with a German trio

Ten female lugers, including all three German women, have completed their fifth training run. The result couldn’t be more different: Taubitz leads with a top time (58.868 seconds) ahead of Berreiter (59.066 seconds). Natalie Geisenberger, who has always set the best time in her group up to now, completely lost her rhythm this time and made it to the finish line with a deficit of more than three seconds. Proof of how treacherous this track is.


Are the German female lugers in golden form?

The start of the second day of the 2022 Winter Olympics is a direct sign for German sports fans! The toboggan ladies complete their fifth training run in the ice channel. From a German point of view, Anna Berreiter, Julia Taubitz and Natalie Geisenberger will be at the start. Geisenberger is aiming for her fifth Olympic gold in Beijing, while reigning double world champion Taubitz is one of her biggest competitors. Berreiter will also be eyeing a medal. However, the strong Austrians Madeleine Egle, Hannah Prock and Lisa Schulte must be beaten.


Highlights in the midday hours

The next highlights await in the midday hours. In men’s ski jumping, the medal decision is on the normal hill. A competition in which it is usually really close and many starters have the chance to grab a medal. Tobogganing also gets serious at noon. At 12:30 p.m. the third run of the men starts. The big decision about the medals will then be made at 2:15 p.m. in the fourth run. An Olympic champion is also being sought on the mogul slope at lunchtime.


Slopestyle and alpine decision open Olympic day

A full program awaits us in Beijing again on Sunday. In addition to training, preliminary rounds and qualifications, there are a total of seven medal decisions on the program. Right at the start of the day, gold, silver and bronze will be awarded in women’s snowboard slopestyle. Among the favorites is Anna Gasser, an Austrian. The 2018 Big Air Olympic champion and serial winner now wants to reach for the medal in slopestyle as well. Annika Morgan and Ariane Burri from Switzerland also made it to the final. The next highlight follows at 4:00 a.m. with the men’s descent. There, too, starters from Austria in particular can calculate their chances. But a lot is also possible for the Swiss participants. In the early hours of the morning, there are also cross-country skiing and speed skating decisions to be made.

Warm welcome!

Good morning and hello to the third day of competition at the Beijing Winter Games! A full program is in store again, starting at 2 a.m. CET. Have fun!


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