Olympic Winter Games 2022 – live ticker from Monday, February 7th, 2022


Ski Freestyle (F): Top favorite dominates first qualifying run

In the qualification of the Big Air Olympic Premier, the freestylers should show their best jumps over the kickers. In three runs, the twelve best athletes will be determined, who will then distribute the medals among themselves in the final. The Frenchwoman Tess Ledeuy proves her role as clear favorite right away and with great tricks and turns she jumps in a top rating of over 90 points in the first qualifying run. The second best of the current winter can’t follow her right away, but she shouldn’t have to worry in sixth place with 85.50 points. Her name is Sarah Höfflin and she comes from Switzerland. Compatriot Mathilde Germaud does it a little better in a competition that is already at a high level and is the best Swiss. Laura Wallner for ÖSV and Germany’s Aliah Deria Eichinger, 20 years old, start the first run in 17th and 18th place. Participation in the final would be great for both of them. The Austrian Lara Wolf could expect that a little sooner, but after a fall she is behind Wallner and Eichinger for the time being.


Skeleton (F): DSV trio convinces in the ice channel

Meanwhile, the women’s skeleton riders’ training has started at the Yanqing National Sliding Center, the ice track hub of the Games. And the German trio got off to a strong start and convinced in the first practice run that the three of them took the lead ahead of Austria’s Janine Flock, who was also favored. The silver medalist from 2018, Jacqueline Lölling, and the young talent Hannah Neise even took first place at the same time. That’s an announcement for the deciding competitions, although some favorites like the strong Russians are still to come.


Alpine skiing (F): Favorites are through

In the first giant slalom run, the top favorites have already thrown themselves down the slope. The Swede Sara Hector has clearly underlined her favorite role, Katharina Truppe follows somewhat surprisingly in second place. Federica Brignone carved a strong run into the snow and is currently third. Petra Vlhová was disappointed, top star Mikaela Shiffrin dropped out like Marta Bassino and now has to put everything on the slalom or get involved in the somewhat weaker speed disciplines. The Swiss trio Gut-Behrami, Gisin and Holdener is currently lurking at the end of the top ten, the ÖSV athletes Liensberger and Siebenhofer are still behind and need to catch up in the second round. Emma Aicher will be the only German starter with start number 44 – for her, reaching the second round would already be a success.


Alpine skiing (F): Holdener also expandable

Shortly after the first break in preparation, it’s Wendy Holdener’s turn from Switzerland. Can she take advantage of the freshly slipped slope? No, the 28-year-old has trouble on the non-slip slope. The Swiss starter keeps coming off the optional line and can still be reasonably satisfied with ninth place against this background.


Alpine skiing (F): ÖSV duo and Gut-Behrami not at the forefront

After the Slovenian Meta Hrovat and Ragnhild Mowinckel from Norway pushed ahead of Tessa Worley, two Austrians and the Swiss Lara Gut-Behrami catapulted themselves out of the starting gate. For none of the three it is enough for a top time. Gut-Behrami slips too much on the turns in sunny weather and in manageable conditions and loses so much time, with Katharina Liensberger and before that Ramona Siebenhofer for the red-white-red camp, too much gap builds up from top to bottom. Everyone has to catch up in the second round – from 07:30 a.m. CET.


Alpine skiing (F): Troupe surprised

Katharina Truppe is also traded in the extended circle of favourites, even if she is not in the same breath as Shiffrin, Hector, Worley, Vlhová and co. is called. But she surprises, is in the lead in the upper section and preserves the cushion with a flawless ride almost to the finish. It’s not quite enough for Sara Hector, but she takes second place ahead of Brignone – surprisingly strong!


Alpine skiing (F): Shiffrin is eliminated!

Not only the currently best athlete of the current winter across disciplines, but also the most well-known athlete of the field in terms of media impact is on her way: Mikaela Shiffrin! The American has already made numerous records her own and is, among other things, the youngest slalom Olympic champion of all time. In giant slalom in 2018, she secured her second Olympic gold and would like to repeat that. But the dream of giant slalom gold is quickly over, like Bassino, she leans in too far and retires early in the upper section. The top star is out!


Alpine skiing (F): Hector dominates after Bassino’s elimination

The Italian Marta Bassino is still looking for her form this season, which also applies to the Olympics: Shortly after the start she loses pressure on the outside ski and causes the first failure. Then the favorite Sara Hector sets off, the Swede does her job even better than Brignone and takes the lead impressively and four tenths faster!


Alpine skiing (F): Brignone with a great time

How much is this time worth to the Slovak? Not too much! It is followed by the Swiss Michelle Gisin, who consistently keeps her skis on the move and dueled with Petra Vlhová from the start. With a strong final sprint, Gisin is even enough for the lead! The experienced Federica Brignone is preparing to set the next top time in the snow – and does it in an inimitable way. With a super steep slope, she pulverizes the previous times and takes the lead with a lead of more than one second – a first announcement…


Alpine skiing (F): View of the favorites

The dominance of the two best skiers Petra Vlhová and Mikaela Shiffrin is present in the overall World Cup, but not too much of it can be seen in giant slalom. While the Slovak has not yet won in the original discipline of alpine skiing, the American has won two races this season. Tessa Worley from France got one, but is ahead of Shiffrin in the discipline ranking – just like the most successful giant slalom athlete from Sweden: Sara Hector with three races won. Vlhová sets the first scent mark with 59.34 seconds.


Alpine skiing (F): giant slalom on the alpine day

Of course, our focus in these minutes is on the first part of the packed alpine day. Before the speed men in the supreme discipline, downhill, tumble down the “The Rock” slope at 5 a.m., all eyes are on the technical specialists. Now (starting at 02:30 a.m. CET or 09:30 a.m. Chinese local time) Slovakia’s Petra Vlhová – and thus one of the top favorites – will open the race.


Curling (X): Canada fights against Italy for the semifinals

While the Swiss team challenges the Norwegians, the overall most exciting duel can be found on sheet B: Because Canada lost the direct duel against the already finished Swedes – unlike Norway and Great Britain – a win against the undefeated leaders Italy is needed, one exciting starting point. While the Norwegian and British mixed doubles each took the lead in the first end, the Canadian-Italian duel is led by the group stage leaders. But: In curling, the right of the last stone is elementary, a winning end when the opponent has the right of the last stone is to be evaluated similarly to a break in tennis or darts. That’s why you shouldn’t read too much into the interim results after the first ending.


German trio wants to present in training

When the first alpine women set off on the course, the qualifying of the ski freestylers for the Big Air finals begins. Also present: Alia Delia Eichinger (Germany), Lara Wolf and Laura Wallner (both Austria) as well as Mathilde Gremaud and Sarah Höfflin from Switzerland. Starting at 2:40 a.m. in the ice channel, it’s all about getting a good feeling. Tina Hermann, Jacqueline Lölling and Hannah Neise then want to feed the German hopes for a medal in skeleton in the first training run. There is a big threat of competition from Janine Flock from Austria, among others.


Curling at the start, alpine stars follow

From a German-speaking point of view, the start of the day is of direct interest, when Switzerland challenges Norway in curling (from 2:05 a.m.). From 2:30 a.m. the next treat is waiting for the Swiss: Then, among others, Michelle Gisin, Lara Gut-Behrami, Camille Rast and Wendy Holdener will fight for a good starting position in the first run of the giant slalom. Austria is represented by Katharina Truppe, Ramona Siebenhofer, Kataharina Liensberger and Stephanie Brunner. Emma Aicher tries her luck for DSV.


The program

Plenty of precious metal will again be distributed in Beijing this Monday. The main focus is on the start of the alpine competitions with the men’s downhill run (5 a.m.) and the women’s giant slalom (2:30 p.m./7:30 a.m.). At 10 a.m. the biathletes start their individual race over the 15 kilometers. Franziska Preuss is making her comeback in DSV dress after a two-month injury break. On the ice, sets of medals are awarded in short track, figure skating and speed skating. In ski jumping, the mixed team competition is on the agenda and the snowboarders choose the new slopestyle champion.

Good morning!

Hello and welcome to the 2022 Winter Games! 14 hours of winter sports are on the agenda again today! As in the last few days, the competition day in Beijing begins at around 2 a.m.


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