Olympic tickets not for free sale

Contrary to initial plans, the tickets for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing will not be sold to the general public, but only distributed through the authorities.

As justification, the organizing committee referred to the “serious and complicated situation” caused by the pandemic. It is necessary for spectators to strictly adhere to the virus prevention requirements before, during and after the competitions. Foreign spectators are not admitted anyway.

The participants in the games from February 4th to 20th are only allowed to move in hermetically sealed “closed circuits” to prevent the virus from being introduced. China is managing the virus better than other countries with its strict zero-Covid policy and entry restrictions, but multiple local outbreaks have emerged since December.

Authorities send out invitations

Curfews have been imposed on around 20 million people. Several cases of the omicron variant, which spreads more easily, have also been discovered this month, including in Beijing and its neighboring city of Tianjin.

The organizers have already started to invite spectators to the opening of the games, controlled by the authorities. According to officially unconfirmed reports, they should submit to multiple corona tests beforehand and afterwards. The athletes and other participants from home and abroad also have to complete daily PCR tests and cannot leave the “bubble”.


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