Olympic start for Frenzel? “Eric is confident”

Nordic combined athlete Eric Frenzel has to continue watching the Olympic Games from the quarantine hotel. But the three-time Olympic champion is now hoping for a start in the competitions in Beijing.

Confidence spreads around Eric Frenzel. “Everything is moving in the right direction,” his manager Stephan Peplies confirmed to on Sunday.

After the interventions of the German Olympic Sports Confederation – the DOSB had denounced the conditions as “unacceptable” – the 33-year-old was able to move to a much more comfortable room. The anger about lack of cleanliness and bad food is gone. Now the conditions for the combiner are acceptable. There is now also space in the room for an ergometer on which he can do light training.

Frenzel had already spoken up in a video message and described the improved circumstances. “I’ve been here at the hotel for two days now and luckily I have everything I need. I have opportunities to exercise and the food is okay.”

Frenzel manager: “Eric is confident”

Frenzel also confirmed that his COVID values ​​”fortunately are also going in the right direction”. From a CT value of 35, he can leave the isolation hotel and move back to the quarters of the German team.

“Nevertheless, you have to think about it step by step,” said Peplies. Only after a medical examination will it be decided how Eric Frenzel will continue in the coming days from a sporting point of view. While there will certainly not be enough time for the first medal event on Wednesday, there is hope for participation in the large hill competitions: “Eric is confident about starting at the Olympic Games.” On February 15th, the combined athletes will compete on the large hill.

In addition to Eric Frenzel, his teammate Terence Weber is currently still in isolation. Vinzenz Geiger was classified as a close contact, but did not have to be in quarantine.


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