Olympic champion Riessle not nominated for Beijing

Combined national coach Hermann Weinbuch has nominated Johannes Rydzek, Terence Weber and Julian Schmid for the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

The head coach announced this decision after the competitions in Klingenthal. Weinbuch had previously chosen the Pyeongchang Olympic champions Eric Frenzel and Vinzenz Geiger.

Manuel Faißt and Fabian Rießle, who was also team Olympic champion in 2018, will not be in China. This winter, however, Riessle was the weakest of the seven German World Cup Nordic combined athletes.

Weinbuch justified Rydzek’s nomination as follows: “He improved his form in January and today again achieved a partial norm. That means he has more than sixth place, Manuel Faißt. He also made the norm, but Ritschie has an additional eighth place.”

The head coach is hoping for a lot from Rydzek, who is particularly strong on the cross-country ski run. “With the background that he is predestined for this at the height of Beijing with his great mileage. You have to be really good at it.”


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