Olympia-OK: Corona risk lower than elsewhere

In view of the falling number of positive tests at the Winter Games, the Olympic organizers in Beijing see their strict corona concept as a success.

“The chance of getting Corona is lower than anywhere else in the world,” said Brian McCloskey, head of the Medical Expert Committee. The organizers had previously announced that six infected people had been discovered in the more than 70,000 tests carried out the previous day. Five of the positive cases are therefore athletes or other team members. The total number of cases has risen to 393 since January 23.

All six newly discovered cases occurred in the Olympia bubble. No further corona infections were found during the entry controls. The organizers see this as proof of the effectiveness of the protective measures. “We expect that the number of new infections will continue to decrease,” said Huang Chun, the vice director of the Chinese organizing committee responsible for the prevention of the corona pandemic.

“That doesn’t mean that we can relax, but we are satisfied with the current situation,” said IOC doctor McCloskey. Within the so-called closed circuit, it is “extremely safe” for everyone involved in the Olympics. Those affected by an infection could leave the quarantine after less than a week on average.

A strict Corona security concept applies to the Winter Games. Everyone involved – from athletes to journalists – is completely segregated from the rest of the Chinese population. Anyone who has contracted the virus will be isolated in a specially designated hotel. Only after two negative PCR tests at least 24 hours apart can those affected leave before the end of ten days. After this period, only a negative PCR test is required.


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