Olympia 2022: South Korea protests against short track decision

The National Olympic Committee of South Korea wants to turn on the International Sports Court because of the disqualification of two local short track runners at the Winter Games in Beijing.

According to the newspaper “The Korea Herald” in Beijing, the head of the South Korean Olympic delegation, Yoon Hong Geun, announced that the Cas should appeal against the decision of the competition judges.

He also requested an interview with the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach. He wants to talk to Bach about how “unfair” decisions in short track can be avoided.

The judges’ decisions against the two runners Hwang Dae Heon and Lee June Seo had caused resentment in South Korea. Both were disqualified after their respective semi-finals over 1000 meters, Hwang for an illegal overtaking maneuver, Lee for obstructing a competitor.

South Korea had lodged a protest against what they considered to be unfair decisions. According to Yoon, head of delegation, letters of complaint were also sent to the International Skating Union and the IOC.

The hard-fought final over the 1000 meters was also controversial. Only after long deliberations did the judges declare the Chinese Ren Ziwei the winner. Hungarian Shaolin Sandor Liu, who crossed the finish line first after falling, was demoted to last place for two violations.


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