Olympia 2022: Ludwig coup also thanks to a psychological thriller

Reading against nervousness: Before the decisive round in the fight for the gold medal, Olympic luge champion Johannes Ludwig calmed down with the psychological thriller “The Package” by writer Sebastian Fitzek.

“I read a chapter before the fourth round to distract myself a bit. That was really cool because it was a very exciting chapter. It was revealed who the villain is,” reported Ludwig at a press conference on Monday.

Before the decisive round, in which the 35-year-old was the leader on Sunday, he noticed “that the tension had increased noticeably again. There were a few thoughts going through his head,” said Ludwig. So he picked up the book. “I discovered that a little bit for myself this season. I’m not usually a bookworm,” Oberhofer continued.

With the triumph in the single seater, Ludwig not only celebrated the greatest success of his career in China, but also won the first gold medal for the German team at the Winter Games in Beijing. This was celebrated accordingly. After midnight, the Thuringian was welcomed by the German delegation with confetti and Laola in the Olympic Village in Yanqing.

“It was a small but nice reception. The most important people were there, as well as the teammates and coaches,” reported Ludwig, who had a short night: “I didn’t sleep that well, I woke up early. It went I had a few thoughts running through my head that robbed me of my sleep.”

Whether the father of two will continue his sporting career is still open.


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