Oliver Glasner announces compensation against Augsburg after BVB bankruptcy

Despite the setback against BVB, Eintracht Frankfurt is on track. This is not least due to coach Oliver Glasner.

Oliver Glasner just chatted away. The Eintracht Frankfurt coach first joked about the mullet in his youth, then he quickly took over the weather forecast on the “FFH” radio morning show. And he also revealed with a wink that the players didn’t dare to joke about his painful crash with an e-scooter.

Glasner provided the best entertainment. The black eye has almost disappeared, the swelling after the broken cheekbone has subsided – but that’s not the only reason why the Austrian feels very comfortable in Frankfurt. Because despite the small setback against Borussia Dortmund (2: 3), the Hessians are fully on course for Europe. And that is not least due to the coach.

It was a “very bitter defeat from which we will draw the right conclusions,” said Glasner, looking back at the past weekend, but announced a reaction for the game on Sunday (3:30 p.m. / DAZN) at FC Augsburg: ” Now we’re turning the tables again. We’re going to play to win.” The bankruptcy at the start of the second half of the season dampened the mood only a little.

Glasner put the SBU back on the road to success

The fact that in the emotional environment on the Main people have long been dreaming of something bigger is mainly due to Glasner’s work. The poor start after moving from VfL Wolfsburg and the unmistakable criticism didn’t bother him at all, the 47-year-old drew the right conclusions from the embarrassing loss of the cup and the meager yield – and he led Eintracht on the road to success.

“We worked out a way of playing together,” said Glasner on Sky. It was “a long process with lots of games, training and video analysis. We have a great team that did a great job.” Not long ago, Eintracht was still in the bottom of the table, but after an impressive race to catch up, the Champions League is now tempting.

Frankfurt has to do without Kostic and Trapp

The team has recently developed into a stable structure again – which was also due to the driver Filip Kostic and support Kevin Trapp. However, both are missing on Sunday due to corona. After PCR tests on Friday, they each had “a borderline positive result with mild symptoms”, said Eintracht on Friday evening.

Irrespective of this, the European business is firmly in view, some fans even dream of participating in the premier class for the first time. “You’ll need 60 points plus there. We still have a whole bar ahead of us,” said Glasner, but also said: “At all my stations, we got better in terms of points every six months.” In the first half of the season, Eintracht collected 27 points.


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