Oliveira more relaxed after the birth of his daughter

Miguel Oliveira is facing his fourth MotoGP season. For this, the KTM works driver assumes that successes and failures should be viewed from a different perspective. Oliveira has achieved three Grand Prix victories in the premier class so far, the first two still for Tech-3-KTM.

The 2022 season, which will open on March 6th with the Qatar Grand Prix, will be tackled by Oliveira for the first time as a father. Shortly before Christmas, his partner Andreia gave birth to their daughter Alice. A lot has changed for the 27-year-old Portuguese with the offspring.

“It’s one of those events that changes your life,” confesses Oliveira. “The atmosphere at home is just different because the schedules and routines are just different. But of course I’m very grateful for every moment I can spend with her.”

The 2022 MotoGP calendar with 21 races is more extensive than ever before. But Oliveira sees it on the positive side: “We can consider ourselves lucky that the time we are away from home is still within acceptable limits.”

“So we also have an acceptable amount of time that we can spend with family members,” says the KTM rider and compares: “Truck drivers, for example, are away from home for two weeks. Then they come home for four days. Then they are she’s gone again for two weeks.”

“I do this for me, but I also do this for her”

For Oliveira, however, it’s not the number of days at home that makes family life so special for him. “It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality of the time I spend with them,” he says, explaining: “Whenever I’m at their house, I’m with them physically and mentally. That’s what it’s about.”

For Oliveira, being a father brings “a new perspective on life and on how intensively I pursue my goals”. Because: For years he drove his races “only” for himself, for his sponsors and the team, he now has his own young family for whom he drives: “I do it for me, but I also do it for them. It’s something that motivates me even more and fuels my desire to get even stronger.”


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