Old house disadvantaged? Hannawald hands out

The former ski jumping star Sven Hannawald followed up after the exciting women’s Olympic final against jump official Miran Tepes.

“Tepes forgets that it’s about big decisions. I’m not talking through German glasses now, I’m saying that in general: He lacks sensitivity! You have to protect the best,” Hannawald told the “Bild-Zeitung”. Katharina Althaus had to admit defeat to Ursa Bogataj from Slovenia in the normal hill individual at Zhangjiakou and won the silver medal.

For Hannawald, this was also due to a decision by Bogataj’s compatriot Tepes, who let Althaus, the half-time leader, jump in mixed conditions. “Ten seconds after Althaus was down, the wind changed again. He could have taken his time,” said Hannawald. The 47-year-old complained of a lack of sensitivity. He had previously criticized Tepes in the “ARD” broadcast. According to Althaus himself, he did not feel disadvantaged.

Official Tepes, who officially works as the assistant to the race director, is the master of the traffic lights in ski jumping. Before the competition, a wind corridor is determined in which jumps are allowed. In the case of the 25-year-old Althaus, the wind was in this corridor, Tepes switched the traffic light to green. National coach Maximilian Mechler waved the athlete off, Althaus had ten seconds.

The German had one of the worst conditions in the second jump, but was compensated accordingly. The 60-year-old Tepes was an assistant in men’s ski jumping for many years and has now been replaced in this function by the Czech Borek Sedlak. In ski jumping it is common for functionaries and officials to come from participating top nations.


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