Not even Tom Brady can believe it: Russell Wilson will have a new team for the 2022 NFL

What looked like it was going to be a quiet day in the off-season of the NFL 2022 ended up becoming the busiest hours since the end of the Super Bowl LVI. All eyes were on Aaron Rodgers and a possible exchange for him to leave Green Bay Packersbut they were Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawks the protagonists of the market bomb.

The relationship between Wilson and the Seahawks suffered the normal wear and tear of 10 seasons and after winning the Superbowl 2014, the Seattle team was never competitive again with a fully fit Russell. For the 2022 NFL season they will separate their paths.

Denver Broncos was one of the teams that most sounded to go for Aaron Rodgers and with attractive picks from the NFL Draft plus the possibility of including receiver Jerry Jeudy in a trade made Green Bay Packers fans tremble, but the ultimate goal ended up being another elite quarterback.

Russell Wilson will change teams for the 2022 NFL (Photo: Getty Images)

As reported by Adam Schefter, George Paton, general manager of the Broncos, began talks with the Seattle Seahawks to sign russell wilson and after agreeing to the terms of one of the largest exchanges in history, the 2014 Super Bowl-winning quarterback will have a new team for the 2022 NFL season.

Russell Wilson will have a new team for the 2022 NFL: Denver Broncos

In an exchange that neither the very Tom Brady in retirement can you believe it, yeah Russell Wilson passes physical exams and approves team change coming to Denver Broncos with a fourth-round pick in exchange for three players (Drew Lock, Shelby Harris and Noah Fant), two first-round picks, two other second-round picks and a fifth-round pick from the NFL Draft for the Seattle Seahawks.


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