Not even LeBron James could: Russell Westbrook does something in Lakers that has not been achieved since Kobe Bryant

Although the 2021-22 season of the National Basketball Association (NBA) hasn’t been so good for Los Angeles Lakers, Y Russell Westbrook is one of the most criticized, the point guard undoubtedly had his best performance in this Friday’s game.

Russ is coming off receiving enormous scrutiny because his performance for those led by Frank Vogel not what was expected when Lebron James and company gave him the vote of confidence and brought him into the exchange with Washington Wizards.

Despite that, in a close 117-114 loss to the Charlotte Hornets from Michael Jordan, The Brodies He stuck out his chest and had a great game. He took advantage of LeBron’s absence and Anthony Davis and was the lone leader for the first time in the season. It did not disappoint.

He carried the team on his shoulder and led a comeback that fell short by three points, but left a worthy role for the Angelenos. The night ended with 35 points, four rebounds, five assists and a fact that did not occur in Lakers since the last game of Kobe Bryant

Westbrook and his Kobe Bryant achievement

Russ nearly turned the game around with 30 points in the second half. Is he first Laker with 30 points in a half since Kobe Bryant in his last game. That time, Black Mamba had 38 points against the Utah Jazz on the day of his retirement on April 13, 2016. The data was reported by @ESPNStats&Info.


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