Not even Brady could: Josh Allen achieves historic record after eliminating Mac Jones and Patriots

Yes, you have to admit, it was very complicated that New England Patriots could plant expensive before buffalo bills with the intention of removing them from the NFL Playoffs. However, a scoreboard as overwhelming as the one displayed on the grid was not expected either.

47-17 left the team commanded by Josh Allen on the lawn of Highmark Stadium, without mercy and contemplation to send home those led by Bill Belichick, hitting hard the pride and morale of the franchise.

As if that were not enough, the Bills quarterback was impeccable, in addition to winning a record never before seen in the history of the NFL Playoffs, showing that he is one of the quarterbacks to watch with special attention.

Josh Allen (Photo: Omar Rawlings | Getty Images)

Josh Allen’s record

After dispatch the New England Patriots and his rookie quarterback, MacJones, Buffalo Bills will be in the next round with a ‘historic’ quarterback after registering a truly amazing mark on the grid.

Josh Allen became the only quarterback to throw 5 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in 25 pass attempts or less in an NFL Playoffs game, according to statistics portal Statmuse. Neither Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers have been able to achieve it with all the history that rests on their backs.


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