Nordic combined live: Seefeld HS 109, 12.5 km in the live ticker | 01/30/2022 12:45


Norwegian with good team performance

The Norwegians made good use of the dress rehearsal for the Olympics. With Jens Lurås Oftebro, three Norwegians are among the top five. Herola, Ilves and Rehrl secure the places behind Oftebro. Julian Schmid delivered a good performance and finished ninth, his DSV colleague Weber tenth.


Lamparter and Riiber with podium finishes

It wasn’t quite enough for the Austrian Lamparter to win, but he can be more than satisfied with his second place. Riiber completes the podium, followed by Geiger in the battle for fourth place.


Gråbak wins!

Gråbak and Lamparter want to decide it with tactics. Lamparter can’t get past the Norwegian, the pace is very high on the last small climb. Gråbak can keep his minimal lead and wins the triple!


Who launches the attack?

The top trio is still together. On the last mountain, Riiber has to be demolished. Lamparter sets the attack but can’t get past Gråbak.


Ilves and Rehrl caught up

Oftebro, Herola and Geiger were at least able to catch up with Rehrl and Ilves. Weber, Rydzek and Schmid can no longer keep up. This group will fight for places behind the podium. We are already in the final round.


tip unchanged

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the top trio is further distancing itself from the competition and is already beginning to use tactics. Jarl Magnus Riiber now takes the lead very briefly, but Lamparter seems to find this pace too slow.


DSV quartet behind

The Germans will probably not get on the podium today, they are 45 seconds behind. Herola and Jens Lurås Oftebro have now caught up with Geiger, Weber, Schmid and Rydzek.


Podium already taken?

Halfway through the race it looks like the trio of Gråbak, Lamparter and Riiber will be fighting for the podium places. Jarl Magnus Riiber is holding back with management work. Ilves and Rehrl are 15 seconds behind.


Another increase in speed

Lamparter, Gråbak and Riiber make a strong impression. The pace is now too fast for Ilves and Rehrl, they cannot follow.


Geiger loses again

At the next split time, nothing can be seen of the eight seconds gained – Geiger is 27 seconds behind. It will be very difficult for the German today, because Lamparter continues to put pressure on at the top of the leading group. Terence Weber already has to be torn down.


Geiger has to walk alone

Vinzenz Geiger has to run his race alone, but he has already been able to catch up eight seconds. If the leading group should tactic, Geiger will use it.


Lamparter sets the pace

Lamparter, 20, starts with a high pace. After 1.2 kilometers he and his fellow runners catch up with Gråbak and Weber, the leading group now consists of six athletes. So far, Geiger has not been able to make up any seconds.


It starts

Jørgen Gråbak opens cross-country almost at the same time as Terence Weber, closely followed by Ilves, Riiber and Lamparter. Geiger also sets off on the 12.5 kilometers.


Riiber again with a break-in?

A break-in by Jarl Magnus Riiber like the one we saw yesterday will probably not happen today. The Norwegians stated that Riiber had eaten too little yesterday and was therefore weak on the track.


The conditions

The wind conditions that previously made ski jumping impossible will not affect cross-country skiing. However, plus degrees prevail, making the snow deep and heavy.


Who will be triple winner?

Two Norwegians, two Austrians, one Estonian, four Germans and one Japanese are among the top ten. Ilves and Watabe will hardly have anything to do with the outcome of the race. On paper, Jørgen Gråbak, his compatriot Riiber and Johannes Lamparter have the best cards for victory. For Vinzenz Geiger it will depend on whether he can catch up with the leading group and how much energy he has to invest to do so. Germany’s Terence Weber, just a second behind, could pull off another big upset after his first World Cup win in Ruka today.


countdown has started

In 30 minutes the athletes will be on the course. 12.5 kilometers, divided into 5 laps, have to be completed. The route in Seefeld is considered demanding, so good cross-country skiers can play to their strengths.


Until the decision

The cross-country race will start in 50 minutes. We can look forward to an exciting decision. Until then!

1:30 p.m

Seidl, Fritz and Orter among the top 20

Mario Seidl, Martin Fritz and Philipp Orter will start the cross-country skiing among the top 20. For Seidl and Orter, however, the 12.5 kilometers will probably be more of a struggle. On a good day, Fritz can still gain a few places in cross-country skiing. The other ÖSV athletes are in places 24-36.


tactics crucial?

With the top nine starting within 31 seconds, the cross-country will likely be decided by tactics as well. For Franz-Josef Rehrl, who is sixth after a strong jump with good wind conditions (109.5 meters), it will be difficult to keep up with this strong top field. Jørgen Gråbak (105 meters), who has been one of the best cross-country skiers for years, is of course now one of the top favorites for victory.


Geiger with a backlog

The jump was slightly unfortunate for Vinzenz Geiger with 101 meters, he now takes a backpack of 28 seconds with him on the cross-country ski run. However, one of the best cross-country skiers is in the field and the ambitious man from Oberstdorf can be trusted to compete for victory.


The Germans were also at the forefront

The aforementioned DSV Olympic riders also showed their skills on the hill. Weber is second, Geiger seventh, Schmid eighth and Rydzek ninth on the cross-country ski trail. Only Eric Frenzel will be disappointed, after a distance of 96 meters he only ended up in midfield. He will be 22nd on the course, but he still has a lot to do in cross-country skiing.


Riiber and Lamparter with good chances

Dominator Riiber entered the competition in fourth place, at the same time as his competitor Lamparter. But the field is close together due to the bonus points from yesterday’s cross-country skiing. So the decision will be made on the 12.5 kilometers.


Jørgen Gråbak as the first on the trail

Kristjan Ilves is the winner of the jumping (105 meters), but due to the bonus points he is only third in the cross-country skiing. The Norwegian Jørgen Gråbak is the first to hit the track thanks to the bonus points, closely followed by the German Terence Weber, one second behind.


jumping cancelled

As already expected, the jury decided to cancel. The results of yesterday’s provisional competition jump are evaluated and form the basis for later cross-country skiing.

12:48 p.m

Jury discusses

We are currently still waiting for the announcement of the jury, which is currently in session. Probably nothing with jumping today.

12:46 p.m

Start is delayed

Although the sun is shining, the wind conditions are difficult. The rehearsal was canceled this morning. The planned start at 12:45 p.m. is definitely not possible.


Everything depends on the wind

The wind can throw a spanner in the works today. If the jumping cannot take place, yesterday’s provisional competition jump will be used.

12:40 p.m

The ÖSV squad

All eyes of the Austrians are of course on Johannes Lamparter. Franz-Josef Rehrl and Mario Seidl are in good shape on the hill. Lukas Klapfer, Lukas Greiderer, Thomas Jöbstl, Manuel Einkemmer, Philipp Orter and the Rettenegger brothers complete the ÖSV squad at the home World Cup.


German Olympic riders in good shape

Four German athletes among the top six – yesterday’s record is impressive. Eric Frenzel, Terence Weber and Julian Schmid also shone in Geiger’s shadow. Johannes Rydzek is also gaining momentum shortly before the Olympics. Manuel Faißt and Fabian Rießle, both of whom are not allowed to travel to Beijing, cannot show their potential at the moment.


Double World Cup points

The competition is also not entirely unimportant for the overall World Cup today. The winner does not get 100 points as usual, but 200 points. That can be an extra motivation for Johannes Lamparter, who is currently the man in yellow. He leads the overall World Cup ahead of Riiber, who had to miss a few competitions due to back problems. Geiger is in third place, almost 90 points behind the Norwegian.


Geiger, Lamparter or Riiber?

In contrast to previous years, this year is really exciting. A trio of Geiger, Lamparter and Riiber will likely be battling for victory, with many athletes behind them with outsider chances. Vinzenz Geiger won a World Cup in Seefeld for the first time yesterday. The man from Oberstdorf is one of the best on the cross-country ski run and was unbeatable on the second day of the Nordic Combined Triple. Can he crown himself with the overall victory of the event today and get his third win of the season just before the Olympics? It will depend above all on Johannes Lamparter and Jarl Magnus Riiber, who also want to get the win. The Norwegian Riiber, who has been dominating Nordic combined for years, had to lose a few feathers in cross-country skiing yesterday after an unfortunate jump with difficult wind conditions.

12:15 p.m

Warm welcome!

Welcome to Seefeld in Austria. The final day of the prestigious Nordic Combined Triple is on the agenda. The competition is also the last dress rehearsal before the Olympic Games in Beijing, so it will definitely be exciting! The preliminary decision can already be made in ski jumping at 12:45 p.m., we will be looking for the final winner on the cross-country ski trail from 2:30 p.m.


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