Nordic combined at the Olympics: Eric Frenzel remains corona positive

Combined Olympic champion Eric Frenzel still has no negative corona tests and has to be patient in his quarantine hotel at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

There is no new status in this regard, said the 33-year-old in a media round of the German Ski Association (DSV). Frenzel and his teammate Terence Weber had tested positive for the virus after arriving in China. Both will miss the first single on Wednesday.

In isolation, Frenzel makes a happy impression. “Status quo is unchanged. My health is very good, as far as I can judge in my area. I open my window regularly to be able to experience a bit of normal oxygen,” explained the top athlete.

So far he has not had to take advantage of the psychological help offered, instead he has received numerous messages from family, friends and fans.

After the failure for the first individual, two more Olympic decisions in Zhangjiakou are on the agenda next week, Tuesday and Thursday. When asked when he would have to be negative at the latest for a start, Frenzel answered: “Two days before the competition so that I can at least do one more training session.” He is currently keeping fit in his room by jogging back and forth, among other things.


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