Nordic combined alone in coach: chaos days for isolated violinist

Alone in the lift, alone when eating, alone in the bus: Because Vinzenz Geiger, as the contact person for Eric Frenzel, who tested positive, is receiving special treatment, the combined athlete experienced a bizarre and annoying start to the Olympic Games.

“Those were two days of chaos. The organization here is pretty miserable,” said the man from Oberstdorf in the “Ski happens” podcast.

The chaos started on Sunday when Geiger was supposed to be taken to training in a shuttle. “But the driver didn’t know where the hill was. At some point he wanted to let me out on my snowboard. I knocked on the window but he didn’t check. After more than an hour I was at the hill, actually it would be five minutes “said the team Olympic champion.

The next mess followed during training on Monday. Because Geiger is not allowed to take the lift to the diving board, he should be taken to the athletes’ area with a shuttle after the first round.

“It was then a coach for me alone. But it drove slowly for ages. I didn’t make the second jump on time, I had to jump last,” said Geiger. The driver only accelerated before the third jump.

Because he had also been picked up from the hotel much too late, the otherwise level-headed violinist lost his temper. “I was a bit aggro. Now they got enough pressure from me, maybe something will change there,” he said. It’s about time: On Wednesday, Geiger will be fighting for the medals for the first time.


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