Norbert Loch is hoping for a tobogganist to be the flag bearer

National luge coach Norbert Loch is hoping for at least one bid for the German Bobsleigh and Luge Association when choosing the flag bearer for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

“Out of six athletes, we have three from our association,” said Loch three days before the ceremony on Friday, referring to the three German candidates. “If one of them makes it, I would find that very justified, because we have contributed to the very good Olympic performance as a successful association for many, many years,” said the 59-year-old.

“I was allowed to do it at the closing ceremony in Sochi in 2014. It’s a great thing and ultimately unique,” said son Felix Loch. “It would be nice if it was one of us.”

In addition to the toboggan stars Natalie Geisenberger and Tobias Wendl, bobsleigh double Olympic champion Francesco Friedrich is also one of the candidates from whom the flag-bearer duo was selected.

The others are Olympic record participant Claudia Pechstein (speed skating), snowboarder Ramona Hofmeister and ice hockey professional Moritz Müller. Half of the votes were taken by the athletes of the German team and half by fans in an online vote. The election ended last Sunday and the announcement will be made on Thursday.


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