No more Formula 1 in Germany?

The last time a Formula 1 race was held in Germany was in 2020. Back then, record champion Lewis Hamilton won the “Grand Prix of the Eifel” at the Nürburgring. However, whether there will be further races in this country is currently in the stars. The costs that a route operator has to bear are too high.

But Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali does not see the fault in his racing series, but in the track operators, as he said in the “Sport Bild”: “You can only marry if two sides say yes.”

For the two bosses of the traditional circuits in Germany, the Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring, the situation is different. “When you talk about a marriage, the partnership should take place on an equal footing. And both partners should feel comfortable. This is obviously not the case “said Jörn Teske, Managing Director of the Hockenheimring to “Sport Bild”.

His colleague from the Eifel, Ingo Böder, also doesn’t see the route operators to blame: “This isn’t about sensitivities or that something doesn’t suit the bride shortly before the wedding.”

Both managing directors would like to hold a race in Germany, but the costs are too high for the operators. The entry fee in Formula 1 should be around 20 million euros. Furthermore, an amount in the millions is due for other expenses. “This is not about minimal differences, but there are big gaps,” explained Böder.

Nevertheless, the former Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali has received numerous requests for a Formula 1 race. However, these mostly come from oriental countries. And that’s where the problem lies for the two traditional circuits, because costs don’t play a role in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Bahrain, all of which are part of the 2022 racing calendar.

Formula 1 brings a round table into play

“It’s not competition. Because we’re just not on an equal footing financially. I don’t want to say that we feel helpless. But you’re comparing apples to oranges,” said Nürburgring boss Boeder to “Sport Bild”.

That’s why there will probably be no races at the Hockenheim or Nürburgring in 2023 either. Only you can find a way together to solve the financial problem. There should be a round table for this.

Formula 1 brought this into play because Domenicali absolutely wants to hold a race in Germany. “We are happy to make this round table available, and it can’t be big enough, we have space for up to 5,000 people,” said the managing director of the Nürburgring to “Sport Bild”.


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