Niclas Füllkrug can choose from four offers

Niclas Füllkrug was one of the guarantors for Werder Bremen’s promotion again last season. The attacker has apparently also aroused desires.

Werder Bremen striker Niclas Füllkrug has four options, reports “Sport Bild”. Saying goodbye to the 29-year-old in the summer was not out of the question, the newspaper said.

The inquiries came from the Bundesliga, the Spanish Primera División, the Italian Serie A and Serbia’s top division. Further details on interested clubs are not given.

Above all, Füllkrug’s contract situation means that a few weeks before the start of the league, it has not yet been fully clarified whether Marvin Ducksch’s strike partner will also wear the Werder jersey in 2022/23. Because: The striker’s contract is only dated until June 2023.

In principle, Füllkrug would like to extend, as he recently clarified himself. “I want to stay at Werder,” he confessed in an interview with “kicker”. In addition to the possibility of games in the upper house, the good cooperation with coach Ole Werne is decisive. That was “a reason for most players” why they “didn’t look around for other clubs” after the promotion season.

If you stay at Werder Bremen: Füllkrug would have to do without money

If Füllkrug has his way, the new contract will be signed before the start of the Bundesliga on August 6th. The new working paper is not only to be extended to 2024, but by two years to 2025.

However, the top scorer will probably have to agree to a reduction in his annual salary if he wants to continue playing on the Weser. According to “Sport Bild”, he is currently raking in around 2.5 million euros, with an extension the sum could be 1.7 to 2 million euros. There could also be bonuses for success.

Niclas Füllkrug and the club met for initial talks back in June, and last weekend his advisor Gunther Neuhaus went into the next round on the sidelines of the training camp in Zell am Ziller.

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