NHL: Ice hockey star Leon Draisaitl admits: “Got under the wheels”

Ice hockey star Leon Draisaitl (26) drew a mixed interim conclusion about the course of the season so far during the NHL break.

“Two long losing streaks, we didn’t find our way out. But the last two weeks were really better,” said the forward from the Edmonton Oilers on “Sky”.

Draisaitl, who is on Saturday (local time) at the Allstar Game of the professional league in Las Vegas, is concerned with the crash that has occurred in the meantime. “We got off to a very, very good start, but then got a bit underwhelmed,” said the goalscorer. Most recently, however, the Canadians “got points and I think we’re healthy again now and are slowly finding our game again, our performance is improving from game to game”.

Edmonton is ninth in the West, three points behind the last wildcard spot that qualifies for the playoffs. Draisaitl is under pressure with the Oilers: “I think we have to attack again and catch up a bit.”

The most important thing about the Allstar Game is “that it’s fun. It’s not about winning or being the fastest. It’s just cool to meet other guys that you normally play against on the ice.”


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